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  • Fast Online Medical Reporting
  • Calendar Managed Appointments
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  • Custom Data Reporting/Exporting
  • Live 1-2-1 Video Medicals
  • Waiting Room SMS Alerts
  • Pre-Visit Questionnaires
  • Simple Billing

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Human Resources

Are you surprised that so much medical report work done for Corporates is still done using old-fashioned communication methods? So were we, so we went and did something about it.

My Live Medical is an online platform that enables you to manage your team’s health and medical legal requirements more efficiently

Our system takes a lot of the admin headache out of commissioning Pre-employment Medicals and Executive Screenings and Medicals

We provide a national panel of medical professionals to whom you have easy online access

You post your medical report requirement via a simple form

You can nominate your preferred medical professional or offer the required report to the market

Our system manages all the communication from that point on, so that you can get on with the rest of your busy work life

No phone calls, emails, letters in the post – you just get notified when your request’s status changes i.e. when the request is accepted, the appointment made and the report submitted

Reports are submitted online, in real time

System facilitates in-person medicals and reviews of forms completed online

You can choose to use the system to store these personal records safely and securely or not

Does this sound like it might be an improvement on your existing arrangements?
If so, drop us a line at info@mylivemedical.com and we’ll be in touch.

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